Khái niệm chung

Sterilisation is a method that permanently prevents pregnancies. This can be done in both males and females. The doctor may have a conversation about your personalmedical situation to make sure you have all the information you need to make a decision. They may also let you know of other options to prevent a pregnancy long term, if you are unsure. 

There are two types of permanent contraception: 

  • Tubal ligation is the main sterilisation method for females where the fallopian tubes are tied, cut or closed with clips so that eggs can't meet with sperm 
  • Vasectomy is the main sterilisation method for males which stops sperm travelling out of the testes and into semen. It is possible to reverse this procedure but there may still be an impact on the ability to have a child 

These procedures do not prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs) so it is important to use condoms.