Khái niệm chung

A gated heart pool scan looks at how well the heart is pumping. It may be performed if there is concern that your heart has been damaged, or to make sure the heart is working properly before and during chemotherapy.


Tôi cần làm gì trước khi làm thủ thuật?

There are no special preparations you have to do before the scan. This includes no fasting requirements.

Make sure you remember to bring any previous films or reports to the appointment. Wear warm comfortable clothing. If you are pregnant or are unsure if you might be, let the staff at the radiology service know.


Chuyện gì sẽ diễn ra?

The test involves two small injections into a vein in your arm. The first injection (Tin or Stannous Chloride) mixes with the red blood cells, and prepares them for the second injection.

The second injection is given 15 minutes later, and is a small amount of a radioactive tracer which “sticks” to the red blood cells. This allows the blood within the heart can be visualised when you are lying down underneath a special camera. You will be required to lie still during the pictures and breathe normally.

The scan will take about 1 hour.


Điều gì sẽ xảy đến tiếp theo?

There are no after-effects from having a gated heart pool scan. Once it is finished, you can go home. You are able to drive immediately after the test. Your results will be sent to your GP or specialist.