Khái niệm chung

When you have been diagnosed with cancer, you will be cared for by a whole team of health professionals. Each team member has different skills that help in providing care. Some team members are involved in diagnosing your cancer. Some are involved in treating your cancer or dealing with symptoms and side effects. Some are there to help you with your feelings or concerns.

This is called a Multi Disciplinary Team or MDT. There is an MDT for each type of cancer. Each MDT has a set of core members, but other specialists may join the team from time to time. You may not meet all the members of your MDT. Your care coordinator is part of the MDT and is the link between you and the team.


What will my MDT do?

MDTs meet regularly to discuss new patients and the continuing care of existing patients. Your care and others’ may be discussed at the meeting. There are often health professionals from other MDTs at the meeting. There may also be other people present, such as medical students attending as part of their education.

Your MDT will:

  • Work out the best treatment options to discuss with you
  • Ensure you receive prompt and appropriate treatment
  • Arrange further tests and refer to specialist services if needed
  • Collect information and keep good records.

Your care coordinator will keep you informed about what happens in the MDT. Your GP will also be kept informed by letters from your consultant.


Tôi nên làm gì?

Keep in contact with your care coordinator and let them know if have any questions or concerns. You also have the opportunity to decide which of the options for your treatment are best for you.