What is it?

Sometimes, people have thoughts about wanting to harm themselves or end their life. These thoughts may occur in response to distressing life events or a mental health issue that is getting worse.

If you are having suicidal thoughts, it’s very important to understand there is always help available – regardless of who you are, where you live, or the challenges you’re facing. Your life will always be worth living. There are many resources and people to help you.


What will my GP do now?

Talking about this topic isn’t easy, but doing so is the first step towards feeling better. Remember, you are never alone. Your GP is here to support you.

Your GP will continue to talk to you about the reasons why you may be having these thoughts and work on strategies to help you feel better. Your GP will:

  • Assess any risk for you and others and take steps to maintain your safety
  • Work with you to develop a safety plan - a safety plan is a series of steps to help keep you safe.
  • Work out the best supports and treatment for you including counselling, medicine, or both
  • Provide a list of support services to help you when you are feeling down (like the ones on this page)
  • Talk to you about a referral for specialist help, such as a psychiatrist or psychologist
  • With your consent, ask to talk to your family and friends

Your GP will want to see you in the next few days, and on an ongoing basis, to continue these discussions and support you.


What can I do?

  • Try to be as honest as possible with yourself about how you are feeling and what is causing you to feel this way. Remember, there is no judgement, only support.
  • Continue to seek help from your GP and any other health professional you have been referred to.
  • Counselling can make a big difference, consider talking to your GP about a referral.
  • Think about the aspects in your life that make you feel better, or give you meaning. Think about the people in your life you care about. How would they feel if you were gone?
  • Consider the future, and the activities you enjoy, or once enjoyed.
  • Don’t isolate yourself, try to stay around other people and talk to your mates.
  • Avoid drugs and alcohol as they can make you feel worse. Try and reduce these as much as you can.
  • Accept support, people who are suicidal often believe they are being a burden to others. You are not a burden, let others help you.
  • Be patient, these thoughts may seem overwhelming but they will pass.